The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page


Saint Augustine

Welcome. My name is Bjørn Høj Kristensen


In the past 30 years, I have worked in varying manufacturing companies and educational institutions. I have an education as a skilled mechanic, and that combined with my glow of enthusiasm for the human individual and the interaction between individuals has been the basis of my professional life throughout those years.


In the course of my employments, I have performed several functions including programming and development as well as training colleagues and apprentices, team leader in production groups, coaching new employees, mechanical assembler, personnel manager, teacher in workshops and classrooms, design and marketing of layout and fitting of business fair stands and also representing the exhibitor at fairs in Denmark and other countries.


Furthermore, I possess a broad technical knowledge, an aptitude and appetite for learning and acquiring new technical skills, and the ability to adapt to new organisational patterns and ways of cooperating.


In my previous job, I maintained daily contact with customers and suppliers, I performed the function of human resources manager, and I participated in company strategic planning. In these kinds of functions, I made full use of my experience from my many years of collaboration with all sorts of people with far and wide backgrounds and functions.


In my current job as teacher, I prepare the students for examination and a higher education/future job.